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EsFeRa [Show]

Duración: 30 minutos - Para Calle y teatro

Creación: 2019 en Salvador

Estreno: 2019 en Chuncheon, Corea del Sur


duration: 30 minutes

Street / Theater

Creation: 2019 in Salvador, Brazil

Premiere: 2019 in Chuncheon, South Korea


“EsFeRa” unites dance, juggling, hula hoop, roda cyr and acrobatics, creating poetic and elaborate choreographies. A very exciting show that transports the public to another state of sensitivity. In an emotional and contemporary environment where there are many circles, of all sizes, with which the artist creates fluid movements and geometric figures with each of these elements that predominate in the show, each with its own meaning.


Technical requirements:

scenic space: 8x8m (minimum)

Ideal flooring: Linoleum

Required: Flat, smooth, dry floor without slopes

Avoid: grass, sand, earth.

Le Cercle [Performance]

Duración: 7minutos

Creación: 2016 en Barcelona

Calle / teatro

Duration: 7 minutes

Creation: 2016 in Barcelona

Street / theater ​


Balance, strength, feminine delicacy, inertia and Emotion are the words that define this act.

Le Cercle is a dance with the cyr wheel in which the circus artist  is totally confident and deeply connected to the object, which fits in a kind of extension of his own body. In its act, the perfect control of movement challenges the laws of physics and breaks all sense of gravedad.


The fascinating rotation of the wheel and vibrant Classical Music transport us to a poetic universe where elegance and strength are part of the same dance.


*Possibility to perform with a violinist or pianist live.

Technical needs:

scenic space: 8x8m (minimum)

Ideal floor: Linoleum

Required floor: Flat, smooth, dry and uneven flooring

Avoid floor: grass, earth, sand.

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